Working On A Group Is Not An Easy Thing Working

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When working on a group you have to be a listener and a leader at the same time, you have to make sure you help your group. Being in a group is not an easy thing working with people can be challenging specially when they work at a different rhythm or even a different way, I’ve had different experiences working in groups but personally I can agree that this group was a perfect fit for me, at the beginning it was very difficult due to the fact that several of our classmates withdraw the class and did not inform us before they did, this made us change our approach but at the end we ended up working it out and making it work. The work we did as a group was easy we decided to meet at the speech lab and brainstorm the best way of presenting our subject; we decided on assign each of the group members their task and what was going to be the role they would be playing in the group, the order they would present and with was the subject they were going to elaborate in. I was in charge of explaining what is a nonverbal message and how important it is, so I made sure of researching everything I could not only by reading the chapter, but also by doing some outside research witch gave me a lot of information and understanding of this subject.
After we all had the area we would concentrate in we decided to meet up again and practice what we had so far and star with the power point and decide on another visual aid, we decided on doing a clip on the series lie to me but at the end we could
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