Working Poor : The Work Poor

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Elizabeth McCumber
April 24, 2015
Working poor paper

Throughout both in-class discussions, and David Shipler’s “The Working Poor: Invisible in America” we learned being poor in America is anything but easy. Even with all of our government assistance programs such as Medicaid and Welfare, many family generation after generation seem to fall below the poverty line and create a life of struggle and long way out for their families. When Shipler is explaining different families and their lac of self control in saving the little money they do earn, it makes you question if the have the know how to get out of poverty, or even in some cases even want to due to their different spending habits than successful people, falling into credit traps, and buying the un-necessary. Part of the issue as displayed through this book is that families truly have no since of fear with money. If they make money then continue to spend poorly and loose their money, they are back to where they started. This is what they know and what they are comfortable with. If a wealthy person, or even middle class family looses their money, they are in a new place, a place of fear. They have never lived this way before and all of their expenses are above what they have lost. There is also no since of saving with in the working poor community. When you are living on a minim wage pay check living week to week, you are putting all you have to support your family and to put food on the table, not to put money away

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