Working While In High School

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Many students, teachers, parents, and community members debate the value of working while in high school. As with any other topic, there are pros and cons to this.
While there are many positive benefits to working, there are also negative ones.
One of the pros of working while in high school is that it can teach students how to manage their time. When a student has to be on time for work, it helps them create good habits for when they go to college and eventually choose a career that they want to be successful in. If students learn at an early age it will help prepare them for their career and role as an adult. Lots of students do not know how to manage their time until college or in their actual career. Going from school to work and extracurricular activities means students have to plan to set aside homework time. Some students even learn to organize and work ahead on the weekends so they don't get behind during the week.
Some research does suggest that students who work more …show more content…

Some schools set up relationships with local service providers and stores so students can go to school part of the day and then work part of the day. It's hard for our school to do this because we do not have a lot of businesses in our community to partner with.
Another con to working in high school is that it can have negative effects on a student's behavior. Some research suggests that working more than 20 hours a week can lead to substance abuse by some teenagers. One article that I read stated that teens working more than 20 hours a week felt the need to stay awake longer to complete homework since they couldn't do it right after school due to their job. This need led them to taking stimulants in order to stay awake. Students that feel as if they are getting behind in their classes can also have lower self esteem because they feel like they are a

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