Working With Children Is An Amazing And Fun Job

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Working with children is an amazing and fun job to have, however there could be some drawback to it too just like any other job. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this class especially the lab. The only experience I 've had with children before this class was watching my nephew and nieces for a few hours. This class gave me the opportunity to get the experience in a classroom full of children. I got to experience children in their best days and children in their worst days and of course what it was like to work in a classroom full of children. But I also learned a lot about how every child may has had different experiences in life, and the way they behave may be because of those experiences the’ve had and the environment they grew up in. My first day in the kindergarten class all I did was basically get to know the children, the classroom, and what went on in the classroom. Going weekly to the kindergarten class allowed me to get comfortable with children and also create a bond with the children too. They began to share their likings and their background with me. I also explained to them why I was coming in their classroom twice a week; however, a lot of them thought it was my job and I was another teacher. Some children started to tell me that they wanted me to come everyday so I can help them,s but some still were a little shy around me. As time went by the children felt even more comfortable, and they started to share their lives at home. Some

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