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Introduction Graduating college with a degree in a field of engineering is my current priority in life. Although I am currently unsure of which exact field of engineering I want to go in, I know I want to be an active part of ensuring the success of the future. This is why I want to be an engineer, there are endless routes to achieving my dream but very few of those routes overlap if with also receiving a degree from CNU. This paper will serve as a guide over the years for what steps I should take to become a world class engineer. This guide will serve as a reminder throughout the years how what habits I should maintain in order to thrive not only in school and the workplace but also life.
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When it comes to advancements in technology most people do not think about the engineers who constructed the hardware that allows for cellphones to be waterproof, two in one laptop to existing, and wireless charging to be available to consumers. I admire this unsung hero and aspire to be one of them, they are the reason society advances and prevails today. While I have yet to get deep into studying computer engineering, I feel that if I go into the field, I will be able to advance current technologies or any other field of …show more content…

Facing difficulties in life is inevitable and being able to accept and improve myself upon every difficulty and struggle in my personal life, the workplace, and school throws at me will only better me as a person.
There have been times this year where I have been faced with multiple failures and it drowned out the passion for succeeding. My solution was to discussing my struggles with my friends and family. My friends and family are the foundation in my life and 0pperate as our support system during times of adversity. When I find myself ranting about my issuing to them they offer support and find and diverse solutions to my problems. Friends and family have continuously acted as my support system and they are a constant in my of handling adversity. In addition establishing the mentality that adversity is natural and is a necessary step for succeeding. Adversity is a hardship that I have faced numerous times and I have learned that whenever for every hardship I have been faced with has been trumped the benefits. There are various ways to approach every problem if I approach the problem with a positive attitude it makes the situation easier to

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