World Music: The Emotional Effect of Music Essays

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In this paper I will be exploring the communication that is experienced when listening to instrumental music. This will cover the intrapersonal and intercultural connection that the music communicates. The paper will discuss both of these points by focusing on 4 different cultures and show the differences in the music styles by showing what emotions the music is communicating by way of instrument, voice, tone and tempo. While many cultures use all forms of music to communicate their beliefs and emotion I could only pick a few to explore. These 4 cultures were chosen for the reasons of being a few of the earliest cultures to express themselves emotionally primarily through instrumental music. In my reading of the Emotional Effect of…show more content…
(12) The drum gives off a pulse and tempo to what the music will portray. The Shekere or better known as the beaded gourd is another instrument that is featured in my musical clip. This instrument is handmade out of a hollowed out gourd. This instrument is personal to the owner and it is generally not used by another musician. This instrument accompanies the drum to give a depth to the music. This instrument gives off a feeling of movement when accompanied with the African dance gives an even deeper meaning to the music. These instruments are important to the culture as they used this instrumental music to accompany a dance to express spiritual and cultural of their everyday lives. (12) The music clip that I have chosen features these two instruments for a feel of the climate and area of the country. The emotion and inner visualization which in communication terms is known as self-talk, gives me the feeling and imagery of being in the Sahara watching the wildlife run across the desert or plains while watching the tribe go about their daily routine. NATIVE AMERICAN Like the African Culture Native Americans are considered to be a people of the land. Their featured instrument is also the drum. This instrument is considered to be representative of the pulse of the Earth.(14) Drums like with the African culture is used for spiritual and cultural representations of what the people feel at any given time. As with the African
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