World War I: Description of Key Events Essay

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Vimy Ridge Vimy Ridge is considered a defining moment for Canada, this was when the country first proved that it was truly capable of greatness. The ridge was situated in Southern-France; it was a 47 kilometre long well-fortified mountain-top. The hill was significant, due to the fact that the Central Powers could identify the Ally soldiers from kilometres away and therefore easily prepare for battle. Vimy Ridge is significant to our understanding of Canada because this was the event where Canada showed that they were worthy of independence from Britain. The Canadians proved to be an effective and formidable group that deserved sovereignty and respect. Nationalism Nationalism is the belief that one’s nation is superior in all ways compared …show more content…

Archduke Franz Ferdinand is significant to our understanding of the beginning of World War 1 because his murder is considered the final spark to World War 1. His murder caused the first declaration of war by Austria-Hungary against Serbia, after this event, nearly every nation in Europe began to prepare in some way for the war that was coming. Trench Warfare Trench Warfare is a form of war consisting of the use of long dug-up sections in the ground, called trenches; these would protect soldiers from enemy gunfire and would substantially shelter from enemy artillery. In the summer of 1914, the British had been pushing the Germans back for weeks, eventually they decided to dig-in, to stop the enemy from advancing, the British then were forced to create similar trenches; this was the first time trenches were used. Although trenches were significant protection from enemy fire, the trenches were very harmful in the wide-spread of physical and psychological disease due to insufficient hygiene, unstable weather, and the terrible experiences soldiers had every day. Trench Warfare is important to investigate the conditions and strategies of soldiers during World War 1 because soldiers spent approximately 55% of their time in trenches. This will help us learn more about the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers as well shows us about the evolution of modern warfare. Imperialism Imperialism is

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