World War I and World War II

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Many people know about World War I and World War II seeing that they are a couple of the world’s most famous wars. Have you ever wondered how much you really know? This paper is here to inform you of all of the propaganda used to persuade people to follow Hitler, the Nazi party, and Stalin, terms that were used during this time period, and some of the very important people involved in World War I and in World War II.
In the heat of World War I there were two groups, the Allies and the Central Powers. The Allies, which included France, Britain and Russia, went against the Central Powers. The Russian Revolution was also going on during this time period, which was a term that described a series of revolutions in Russia. These series of
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Basically Hitler was saying that if children of Germany were weak and did not conform to his beliefs and become an ideal Nazi, the children had no chance. After Hitler came to power all of the other youth movements were abolished. By 1933 the Hitler Youth membership was up to 100,000 members and it was seen as repulsive if a child from ages 10 through 18 were not a member.
Anti-Semitism is a prejudice belief and the hatred of a certain racial group. Anti- Semitism is a form of racism. Anti-Semitism members expressed their feelings towards the Jewish community in many different ways. Most showed their hatred of the Jews and discriminated individually. Others organized extremely violent mobs, and military attacks on entire Jewish communities.
The Allied forces of World War II included the United States, Britain and the USSR. The Allies were the countries opposing the Axis Powers. Their goal was to stop German, Italian and Japanese aggression. The Soviet Union joined the Allied forces after being invaded by Germany and its Allies in 1941, the United States also joined after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. The relationship between Britain and the US were extremely close, but other key alliances were China, Canada and India.
The Axis Powers were the nations that fought in World War II against the Allied forces. The Axis Powers were brought together by their opposition against the Western world and the Soviet Union. Their goal was

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