World War II: The 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion

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The men who served in the 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion during World War II may have thought they achieved very little but their accomplishments helped in winning the European Theatre of Operation. Their engineer tasks included but were not limited to, erecting bridges, emplacing minefields, creating and continuing to make road improvements to allow for freedom of movement for allied forces.
The 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion was activated on 23 March 1943 at Camp Swift just outside of Bastrop, Texas. The men of the battalion had already been sixty days into their training before their activation. It was not until theirbasic training ended in May that they began learning their Military Occupational Skills as Combat Engineers. The battalion was attached to the 1115th Engineer Combat Group who supervised all of their training.The men were instructed on constructing floating and fixed bridges, road construction and road repair. They also learned about mines, minefields and the importance of working as a team. When their training and testing had been completed on all the things they had learned, the unit received orders to go to Louisiana Maneuver Area to conduct bridge and road repair in the nearby town of Many, Louisiana. Before the battalion could begin their assignment that they believed was supposed to be the 4th tactical maneuver phase, they received teletype orders to report back to Camp Swift. The battalion was placed on alert

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