World War II : The United States

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Before World War II, the American people supported isolationism due to the general belief that America should not have been a part of World War I. Furthermore, people believed World War I caused the Great Depression, as well as the deaths of thousands of Americans. I believe this opinion changed on December 7, 1941. On this morning, the Japanese military bombed the Pearl Harbor Naval base in Hawaii. I think American citizens view changed because they were attacked on their soil and a total of 2,403 lives were lost; 2,008 soldiers in the Navy, 109 marines, 218 army, and 68 civilians. Additionally, there was over a thousand injuries. I agree with the popular argument that Japan’s worse strategical position was to attack Pearl Harbor. …show more content…

In addition, President Roosevelt gained the trust of almost all of the Americans after he led the United States out of the Great Depression. The public supported him and felt obligated to fulfill his request of unity and sacrifice. Finally, many American citizens feared communism and that it would spread. They valued and appreciated democracy so much. Almost everyone was in agreement that democracy should be defended. I believe, these reasons were why America came together to support the war. I think the expectations placed on the American people were necessary. It was crucial for the American people to ration, recycle and sacrifice a portion of what they had to help their country win the war. If America refused to come together, the Axis powers would have won the war. The U.S. troops would not have had the resources they needed to stay alive, never mind fight. The mobilization and the persistent work of industry workers to switch to wartime production and manufacture guns, ammunition and other items were critical. The rationing of foods, gas, and even clothing was expected of all Americans. As well as an effort to recycle materials needed for the war such as rubber, silk stockings, tin, cooking fat, and steel; scrap drives were held and young children gave up their toys to contribute to the war. A country cannot win without the support of its people. The fight American citizens had in them really helped

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