How Did National Security Changes After Ww2

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During world war two although the united states thought they had national security issues, it was truly mass hysteria and racism which made it unjustifiable to send the Japanese, Italians, and Germans to the internment camps.
While world war two was happening, we were fighting against Germany, Italy, and Japan or the Axis Powers. The United States got pulled into the war because of Japan attacking Hawaii at Pearl Harbor killing 2335 Americans. The United States wanted to stay neutral from the war and not be involved at all until they were directly attacked or threatened. According to “A poll taken in 1939, after the outbreak of war showed 94% as being against going to war.” this quote is showing that almost all of America did not want to go to war at all, but this changed after the Pearl Harbor attacks. After the attack, most of America wanted to go to war with Japan, and going to war with Japan also meant we would have to go to war with Italy, and Germany since they were in an alliance.
The United States thought that since there were Germans, Italians and Japanese in our country that they …show more content…

Roosevelt signed order No. 9066 on February 19th, 1942. This order allowed “gave to the Secretary of War and various military commanders, the power to exclude any and all persons from designated areas in order to provide security against sabotage, espionage, and fifth column activities.” Following the order, the military under the leadership of Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt relocated nearly 120,000 Japanese-Americans and Japanese immigrants from areas of the west coast to detention centers in the west. Without any doubt, the forced relocation and detention of 120,000 people are very against the constitution and is very ironic that we would put people in internment camps when we were fighting Nazi Germany that killed six million

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