World War II, Usa 's Involvement

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Kyle Fisk
Mr. Chandler
World History/ period 3
10 April 2015

World War II, USA’s involvement

On December 7th 1941, Japan did horrific things to Pearl Harbor, a United States naval base on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. This event on the U.S., forced our country to join World War II and fight against the Japanese and their allies. I’m going to explain how the magnitude of the war required the U.S. to use every resource available and take drastic measures to ensure victory and end World War II. World War II essentially started when Germany lost their battle in World War I and was forced to sign the Treaty Of Versailles, which made them pay high fines for the damage they caused. They also had to limit the size of their army. Soon,
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Many American lives were lost and hatred between different ethnic groups started to boil.
The United States learned two things from these experiences: have no involvement in European or Asia affairs and also to remain neutral in future wars. Because the U.S. is secure between two vast oceans, Americans felt they didn’t need allies and didn’t need to rely on any other nations.
The U.S. also didn’t enter World War II in the beginning because they had no treaty obligations to enter the war as Britain and France did. Plus the American army at the time was small and not very well equipped. Also, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed if he declared war on Germany in 1939, that it would have cost him the election. The U.S. secretly entered the war on the side of the British by providing convoy escorts to help get goods to England, selling Britain 50 destroyers on credit under "lend-lease," and actively conducting anti-submarine operations in the western Atlantic. This all happened prior to Hitler declaring war on the U.S. in December 1941. But, on the horrific morning of December 7th, 1941, the U.S. had to declare war on the axis allies, which included Germany, Japan and Italy, when Japanese planes attacked the Pearl Harbor navel base in Hawaii.
President Roosevelt and the United States had no other choice than to join the war and the American people were devastated by the actions of Japan that day. As Franklin D. Roosevelt
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