World War II and Its Effect on Canada Essay

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World War 2 was a war like no other. It was a great war that chnged the world and killed many people. This war changed the way the war looked at Canada, and the way Canada looked at itself. World War 1 grew Canada’s independence but world war 2 shaped Canada’s independence and gave Canada a new look. World War 2 was a completely different war, this war allowed people to fight for their country, and not great britain, showing a new side to Canada. World War 2 was a war that lasted from the 1st of September 1939 to the 2nd of September 1945. That’s 2 years longer than the first war. World War 2 had a great impact on every aspect of Canada Today. Money became stronger, our power was at its peak and we were an independent country …show more content…

Canada allowing these races into the war showed the independence from Britain. This war was a turning point for the women’s rights, women started to do jobs that only men would do, and possess more money than some men. Women eventualy took over many jobs that ran Canada and many jobs that supported the war with supplies. Women gained much respect and were looked at the same as men. By now Canada was independent but didn’t really have an identity, this war gave Canada an identity of being hard workers and good people. This social impact greatly impacted because still to this day people think the same. One bad thing that happened during the war was when Canada shafted the Chinese, Germans and the Italians. Canada was still impacted well because this shafting of races didn’t impact Canada today, many of these races live here and love it. So overall Canada was impacted greatly socially by World War 2. Economically, Canada was impacted immensely by WW2. WW2 changed the entire Canadian economy forever and for the good. Before the war, Canada had seen the roughest times. The Great Depression had put canadas economy into the worst shape and into $10 million of debt, everyone was unemployed and people were homeless. But this war sky rocketed canadas government when the men in the war neded supplies such as guns,cars,clothes and food to survive, so Canada manufactuered all these products that were to be sent to

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