World War Inevitable

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War is often unpredictable and can escalate so fasts and rapidly that it turns into something that you had no intention to happen. Over the course of history this has proven to be true and has happen a countless amount of times. World War I is an example of this because the assassination of one man ultimately lead to a War that involved the whole World.
In the early nineteen hundreds relation between Bosnia and Austria-Hungary where high and tense. Bosnia was part of Austria-Hungary but many Serbs in Sarajevo (the capital of Bosnia) believed that they should be ruled by Bosnia. On top of that the serbs in Sarajevo wanted Bosnia to become their own country and separate from Austria-Hungary.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of …show more content…

As soon as Austria-Hungary did this things started to progress at rapid rate. Because Germany agreed to help out Austria-Hungary, Germany would end up declaring war with a lot of countries and they would do it fast. Only a couple days after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia on August 1. Two days later on August 3 Germany declares war on France. Germany sent an overwhelming amount of troops into Belgium under the order of Wilhelm II. Because Germany invaded France the British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, gave Germany an ultimatum. Sir Edward Grey told Germany that if they do not remove their troops from France then England was going to declare war on them. Germany did not listen to this threat so the following day on August 4 England declared war on Germany. In the same month on August 14 Japan declared war on Germany because of its alliance with …show more content…

One example of this was the Arms race that took place prior to the war. What the Arms race was basically countries competing to keep up with one another's arms. An example of this is if England was to build five new battle ships and add them to their fleet of ships then the United States would also build five new battle ships to have the equal amount of power. The main five countries that took place in the Arm race was England, Japan, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the United States of America. Because these countries took place in the Arms race prior to the war they had massive armies and navies. This caused these countries to have huge effects on the war and ultimately ending up in more death to both

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