World War Two : Changing Women 's Rights

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World War Two – Changing Women’s Rights
World War Two witnessed the beginning of a new era for Women’s Rights in Australia. It was a time where women started to achieve more independence in their everyday lives both within the workforce and in mainstream society. This essay will be exploring the impact of World War Two on Women’s Rights in Australia and examining how it altered the popular cultural belief that saw women regarded as only fit to be the cleaners and the nurturers of their households. To demonstrate how World War Two sparked a new era for women’s rights, four key topics will be examined. These topics are: What life was like for women prior to World War Two, What life was like for women during World War two, What opportunities did women gain during this time period and How where women empowered by their experiences. In exploring these questions, this essay will demonstrate how World War Two did indeed spark a new era for women’s rights in Australia.

Prior to World War Two, life for women offered little career opportunities outside the home as women were seen as the homemakers and nurturers of the household. However, World War One had seen some of these attitudes begin to change and because of the experiences that many women had gained in the workforce during this time, there was more of an emphasis placed on young women going on to attend secondary schooling. However, despite this new focus on education, women’s career options were still very limited and…
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