Roman, Julie, and Friends

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It was early in the day, when Julie met her friends at the bus stop. They were the first to be picked up, as always, they believed it was because they were girls. 5 very different girls, all-unique in their own ways.

Julie loved her friends. Briar was the oldest, played sports, and the leader. Paris is always happy and nice. Grace was quiet, shy, and Julie’s BFF. Rose was the smartest and the one who decided that the girls and boys must never be friends.

After a couple of stops the bus went on. No one paid attention but soon the bus came to the dreaded boys stop. 5 boys jumped ran and pushed until they were on the bus.

Ben was the leader he was strong, nice, and always playing ball. Troy and Tyler were twins both with wild red hair and very loud. Roman was quiet but funny. He always greeted the girls, including Julie. Curtis was Roman’s best friend and would always stick his tongue out at the girls.

As soon as the bus stopped at the school, the five boys rushed to get off first. Everyone else got off quickly, while the girls took their time to leave.

The boys ran to the playground, while the girls stopped at the bathroom before class.

While at the restroom Rose turned to Julie and said “that boy needs to stop talking to you”. And Julie said, “He’s just being nice”.

Meanwhile on the playground Curtis says, “You need to stop talking to that girl”. Roman says “ Why? I’m just being friendly.”

The bell rings. Everyone rushes to the classroom. The girls sit in their

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