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The world is full of incredible wrestling cities such as London, Philadelphia, New York, LA, Orlando and more. But nothing compares to the Windy City! With NXT Takeover and Backlash having took place in Chicago last week, it’s only fitting to write this. Consistently ranked as the best or one of the best wrestling cities in the world by sites like Wrestlezone, Sportster, Bleacher Report and acknowledged by WWE and its wrestlers, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. So here are 5 reasons why wrestling is best in Chicago. ________________________________________________________________________ The Crowd sus11_photo_146-0 When you tune in to any WWE show, it's a rarity to get those jaw dropping, rowdy, loud and deafening…show more content…
Chicago also boasts the history of having “Windy City Wrestling”, one of the first televised wrestling federations in the world. ________________________________________________________________________ The Squared Circle 1bdf89808286778e32f6c7426fc297da75e76f46_hq Unless you are a wrestling fan in Chicago, you probably don’t know what this is. The Squared Circle is a restaurant in downtown Chicago. In the middle of the city, this restaurant is run by former WWE Diva Victoria and is consistently visited and co-run by wrestlers like Bob Backlund and more. The restaurant is all wrestling themed including pictures, posters, titles, figures, and even ring gear and autographs. Wrestling music, dressed up waiters and waitresses, cool food names on the menu (scorpion death burger, hulk hogan chocolate milkshake, etc) and last but not least, a ton of TV’s that are always showing wrestling. Mostly WWE, and they always show PPV’s. They also show PWG, LU, ROH, TNA and more. ________________________________________________________________________ The History wrestlemania22setdesign-wiki Chicago is home to tons of historic wrestling moments. They hosted WrestleMania 2, 13, and 22. Chicago is home of Cena’s debut, the return of Brock Lesnar, title changes, and always host a PPV every year. Chicago has also been home to some of the greatest matches ever like Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart and John Cena vs. CM Punk. They've held multiple MITB ladder matches, NXT and

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