Write A Narrative Essay On A Hero's Last Journey

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Kamila Zamani #32
October, 24 2016
The View “Are we there yet?” I thought to myself. As I walked up the mountain I could only see dead trees and rocks. We walked farther and the higher I got the smaller the island got. It was way better up here because on the boat I got seasick and …………….. I will stop there. “Lior go faster.” I told her “I’m trying too.” Lior replied.
When we got closer to the top I could see the ocean. We went higher and higher up the mountain. I thought to myself, “ Am I going to fall off, what if I trip and fall off the mountain.”
I start breathing heavy and get worried about my friends. I could feel the dust on my legs and the harsh sun breathing on us.
As we pass the other class they say, “ You are not even close

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