Write An Essay On How To Be A Successful Black Man

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A problem that I have solved :
All of my life I've always known that I will be a successful black man . With my own business helping to heal the world through its trial and error . I have always been a soft spoken boy , throughout elementary, middle , and high school my peers have always somehow tried to use that as an excuse to make me feel differnt than everyone else . Being a child with two other siblings who are totally different then you can really put a toll on you . While you're inside the house reading books and your siblings are outside with friends riding bikes it appears that you are "different " or a "sissy" Making you seem like the outcast at school and at home . I always ignored and kept to my self until I was sexually molested twice , once when I was seven and the other time when I was nine , first time by a girl , the second time by a male . Being
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I searched for solutions for years trying to help my self recover and become the son that my mother and father always wanted . I went through many phases and difficult times until I finally found the solution . The solution that I had been searching for years had finally come to me . I was watching television one day when Joyce Meyers appeared on TV . She was discussing how everything starts with a thought , EVERYTHING . She taught on how you have to be aware of what you put into your heart and mind . Which related to me , I couldn't keep thinking of the past and dwelling on what happened in my childhood I had to let go and let god take care of it . Feeding my spirit on a daily basis with the word and what god said about healing . My heart was very hurt from my past expirences and it was a journey that I had to take with Jesus Christ . The Holy Spirit led me through everything that I went through on a daily basis , I pray and confess confessions over my life on a daily basis from family problems , what college is gonna accept me , healing , and much more . You can't let Satan
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