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In most instances, a listener strives to find a song that is simultaneously culturally and socially conscious, while having a listenability that allows the song to be played at any time or any place. For the above song, I took a pointedly socially and culturally approach to the socioeconomic inequalities that persist in the United States, using subtle and themes of freedom and hardship, while concurrently using the not so subtle theme of class differences to convey the differences between social classes in our society. The lyrics provide the potential listener with a juxtaposition of someone who invariably questions their place in society in comparison with an individual who seems to have everything they could ever need or want, hence the inclusion of (Mercedes) Benz in the second verse. The lyrics are written in simple verse form and intentionally have the last two lines of the first verse rhyming with each other, as well as the first two lines of the second verse rhyming with one another. The rhyming is meant to emphasis the restraints that lower class people have in terms of social mobility and the freedom those in upper classes enjoy on a daily basis. The “end” and “Benz” creates a slant rhyme that resembles the perpetual cycle of poverty in contrast with someone who is sad about their luxury car being out of commission. Given the form of the lyrics and their social connections, the options for music selection and instrumentation varied across genre and sound. For the
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