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Throughout my time enrolled in my English 121 class here at Pueblo Community College, I have been able to evaluate myself as a writer. I have seen more of my struggles and I have found some of my strengths. This class has been eye-opening to who I am as a writer and what I could able to accomplish in the future. I am not the perfect writer and I do have my faults, however, I know that this class have benefited my writing immensely and bettered my understanding of essay composition. Due to the mistakes I have made in my writing, I would classify myself as an average writer, based on the points of coherence, vocabulary, and editing and revision. In every paper, there must be a sense of coherence so that the reader knows what the paper is trying to convey. Coherence is shown in many ways and the writer must use a variety styles to ensure that the audience is clear on the progression of the paper. Throughout my own essays, my professor and I have seen that I struggled with this in the beginning. In my first few essays they were lacking a through line and often went out on to side points that were not relevant to the paper. Since I have written more papers I have gotten better at staying on track and making sure that every sentence is somehow connected to the previous. By focusing on coherence, my sentence structure has become much cleaner and I am more aware of how my ideas connect. Coherence is imperative to a well written essay and I believe that I have mastered that skill

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