Joseph Williams And Joseph Bizup's Lessons In Clarity And Grace

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In lesson five of Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 12th Edition, Joseph Williams and Joseph Bizup explains the importance of cohesion and coherence in writing prose. Williams and Bizup describes cohesion as the logical and grammatical flow of one sentence to another, which readers move through a passage in a way that communicates a complete thought. A reader should freely interpret a group of sentences without analyzing fancy words from a thesaurus to understand author’s intent. Furthermore, Williams and Bizup explains the importance to discuss familiar concepts at the beginning of a sentence, and introduce unfamiliar ideas at the end of a sentence. This approach allows readers to recognize the consistent “flow” of ideas toward the …show more content…

The topic sentence expresses the main idea, which the paragraph unifies around the main idea. Williams and Bizup explains the topic sentence sums up the main idea of the paragraph and connects the all the sequence of ideas together. Williams and Bizup assert that the topic sentence guides the reader to the writer’s next point. Williams and Bizup explains that every sentence needs supporting sentences. The supporting sentences develop the facts, details, and examples to explain the main idea of the topic sentence.
Coherence and Coherent
Furthermore, Williams and Bizup states, “readers feel a passage is coherent when they read a sequence of topics that focuses on a narrow set of related ideas.” In order to achieve coherence, sentences within a paragraph connect from one sentence to the next by using transitional words. The use of transitional words link ideas, sentences, and paragraphs. Williams and Bizup explain transitional words such as however, because, therefore, and in addition, establish relationships between ideas, paragraphs, and sentences. As Williams and Bizup specifies by calling it “throat-clearing,” which the authors explains “throat-clearing begins with a metadiscourse that connects a sentence to the previous one, with transitions such as and, but, therefore.” Moreover, transitional words serve as signals to let the reader know the previous idea, sentences, shifts in thought, and clarifies the sequence between ideas.

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