Writing Methods In Scientific Writing

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Today, many students struggle with communicating ideas in a comprehensible and intelligent way through writing. According to William Morgan, Dean Fraga, and William J. Macauley Jr., “The communication of scientific findings is the final critical step in the process of science. Consequently, education in a scientific discipline should also develop scientific writing skills…” (2). These three men designed a study; they call it a “multipronged approach to writing instruction.” Their study is composed of three methods of teaching. These methods include: “using short answer ‘content questions”’ to asses the students’ knowledge before they write a “formal report,” using an “all or nothing method” of grading, and providing “prioritized feedback” (Morgan et al. 2). These methods proved to be successful in their preliminary results. I feel that the content questions and the all or nothing grading system would have a positive influence on my writing and my classmates’ writing. I disagree with their idea of giving prioritized feedback for my papers; however, this approach could be effective for some people. The first aspect of Morgan, Fraga, and William’s multipronged approach is using short answer content questions. They mention that it is extremely challenging for a student to write about a topic that they do not fully understand (Morgan et al. 2). I completely agree with this. When I write a paper about anything in school, I make sure that I ask questions and read about the topic

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