Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

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here are some wounds that go far too deep, and never heals. Such destruction can cost more than beyond repair, and spark one of the most largest human motivations: vengeance. If left unnoticed, the feeling will grow inside us and consume our every thought and ruin our lives. Therefore, leaving no remorse or peace for ourselves and others. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is a book about love that turns into vengeance and hatred that goes for generations. This story revolves around Heathcliff, an unmerciful vengeful man. His desire to pay back those who have done him wrong is so extreme that he finds himself unhappy and unsettled even after he succeeds. In the novel, it is shown that there can be no peace in wanting unending revenge, as shown through the conflicts, characters, and settings. To begin, one cannot find inner peace if one has an utmost desire for revenge. This is shown through the many conflicts between the characters and themselves. First of all, Heathcliff is primarily interested in gaining land and vengeance towards others who have abused him or doubted him. To backtrack, he was adopted by Mr.Earnshaw, and he had a stepbrother named Hindley. Hindley mistreated and downgraded Heathcliff, and for that he feels the need to pay him back. After Hindley died from over drinking, Heathcliff went in to raise Hindley’s son, Hareton. Heathcliff’s plan was to abuse Hareton and make him miserable to pay back Hindley. For instance, Nelly, the housekeeper has stated her

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