Ww2 Weapons Essay

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Ever wonder where you would be today if World War II had gone differently? Well there were many weapons, termed superweapons, that could have caused it to end very differently if they had made it into general use. There were many superweapons built in world war two, and unless you are a WWII enthusiast (like me), you probably haven’t heard of many of them, and some of them might surprise you with the identity of their parent nation. There are several categories of superweapons out there, including warships, super tanks, and the other various things that don’t really fit into a specific category. The Japanese, being a people who dependent on the sea, went the obvious route, warships. The Japanese in world war two completed the IJN Yamato, …show more content…

The Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte was a design for a tank that would have had a height of approximately 36 feet, a length of 128 feet from the tips of the guns to the back of the hull, and would have had a crew of between 20 and 41 men. This massive vehicle would have required six 4-foot wide tracks to support its weight, and would have used two of the same engines used in the U-boats to provide the awe-inspiring 16,000 horsepower required to merely move this 1,000-ton beast, and it was designed so that (thanks to the six-foot ground clearance and the intake ports on the engines being mounted on top of the hull) it could ford almost any river in Europe, eliminating the need for a bridge that could hold its weight. This tank was to use a twin version of the triple turrets used in the German battleship Gneisenau, complete with matching 280mm guns, and one of the two designs even used two turrets from the Maus as secondary armament mounted on the rear corners of the hull, as well as an AA battery of three quadruple 30mm flak guns mounted in the same turret used in the German SPAA tank known as the Wirbelwind, and one of the Maus guns mounted where a normal tank would mount the guns used by the radio operator or the driver, In a casemate fashion. The armor on this beast would have been approximately fourteen inches

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