Xbox 360 History

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Many people have heard of Microsoft. Many people have also heard of their product known as Windows. Windows is a computer operating system. Even though Microsoft only worked on computers, they released their first ever video game console known as the Xbox in late 2001. The Xbox had newer, upgraded versions of the console later on such as the Xbox 360 in 2005 and the Xbox One in 2013. The idea of the Xbox first started when Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Otto Berkes, and Ted Hase were working on developing the DirectX. The DirectX was a set of API’s (application programming interfaces) that was introduced by Microsoft in 1995 which encouraged videogame developers to embrace their Windows operating system. These men approached Bill …show more content…

This was good, however, it had some consequences. When the Xbox 360 was released as quickly as possible, huge, technical problems with the console caused Microsoft to replace or repair most of the consoles. This made video game designers learn valuable lessons about taking time with their products (Lasky). There were many different designs of the Xbox 360, such as the Pro, Premium, Elite, and Arcade (Loguidice). There are two current Xbox 360 S (slim) models which are the Xbox 360 250GB and the Xbox 360 4GB. These models are similar because they both include 5 USB (universal serial bus) 2.0. ports and a custom port for the Kinect sensor. They also have optical digital audio with built in WiFi (Loguidice). “They also are sleeker, smaller, and run quieter and cooler than their predecessors” ( Loguidice). The Xbox 360 4GB and the Xbox 360 250GB are also different. The Xbox 360 4GB (as the name implies) has 4GB of storage. This is enough for playing physical copies of games, but not for downloaded games. A hard drive can be purchased to get more space though. This model also costs $100 less than the Xbox 360 250GB. The Xbox 360 250GB model includes a 250GB hard drive and a headset. It costs $100 more than the Xbox 360 4GB

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