Xenophobia And Immigrants In The United States

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Modern day America is a nation built upon immigrants and the intermingling of cultures and people. Yet, throughout its history, America repeats a pattern of ignoring victims of war, especially those in the path of conflict. A specific example being during World War II. While the war waged on, it left countless displaced persons in its wake, many being Jewish refugees. However, the Allied powers focused on winning the war, and did little to help these people. A more recent example is the War on Terror. Less than a month after the September 11th terror attacks, the United States began its war against terrorism. Throughout this war, American citizens have become wary and distrusting of Muslims. This dismissal of both Jewish and Muslim refugees shows the fact that history is repeating itself, with America entering a war and leaving refugees behind. Ignoring refugees, despite America's foundations in immigration, is due to American xenophobia. American citizens are comfortable with what is familiar, so when faced with foreign concepts or people, they tend to turn their backs on them, or even begin to feel malice towards them. American xenophobia leads to fearful and malicious views towards foreign refugees, is the main force behind strict immigration policies, and stems from a lack of education among Americans. These two concepts: xenophobia and exceptionalism, when coupled together, lead to devastating consequences for the displaced persons and countries America leaves in its
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