Yazoo Land Sale Scandal in Georgia

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When the cotton gin was invented, Georgia’s economy had transformed into a cotton and tobacco based plantation economy. In order to keep with the demands of the economy and citizens, Georgia had adopted the Headright System. The Headright System granted every head of household large acreages of land, which would quickly replace the small farms in Georgia. Then in 1783, the Treaty of Paris had formally ended the American Revolution. Although the war had ended, the nation was still troubled with various issues. The state of Georgia would see shortly after the Revolutionary War that although the Treaty of Paris had given the Floridian territory back to Spain, they were to be left to settle an international dispute once Spain asserted their ownership of land east of the Mississippi and north of the Yazoo River. Georgian’s who were eager to purchase the large amounts of land found west of the Mississippi to either begin plantations or to sell lands to planters. This would soon cause the climax of much trouble in Georgia when state legislators and land companies would work together to essentially set the prices to sell the land in what would be known as the “Yazoo Sale” scandal, which would indirectly result in the Trail of Tears. The most important themes and trends in Georgia’s history from the end of the American…
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