Year End Reflection Essay

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Year End Reflection 2016
When I think of grade 8, I think of all the sports I play and how much I developed as a student athlete from the beginning of the year to now.
Why sports comes to mind when I think of grade 8 is because this would be the year where I’m transitioning from grade 8 to high school, which means I will have to start taking sports more seriously, because in high school sports, for example, in football you have to be really good, and you can’t depend on being a “good athlete’ because when you get to the next level of playing football (high school) everyone is a good athlete, and you start to realize that being athletic will only take you so far.
My main sport that I play is football. I started playing football when I was 11, when I started I was pretty good. I was playing at a position lots of players wanted to play, linebacker, and I didn’t really take it to my advantage because I know anything about football, but as that season went on I started getting better at my position, but the following year, I was played at a different position because the kids we were playing with were a year older than me, that’s when I realized if I wanted to be a good player, I had to try, and that is when I really started developing in football, the
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I developed a lot of skills this year, coming in as a kid who didn’t take his school work seriously, I learned that school really does matter and I will need school if I want to do anything in life. This year specifically also taught me a lot of skills that I could use in high school like time management and being able to control myself when I have freedom in school. This year also taught me skills I didn’t know I had, like if I separate myself from my friends I could complete lots of work without the
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