Yharnam Research Paper

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The city of Yharnam, a place of healing and miracles, is the destination of many foreign travellers seeking blood healing. The legend says that some type of sacred blood is used to help cure any type of ailment. And so it is that many travellers set sail to seek the sacred city and its great cathedral.

In the beginning, the city was ruled by the royal family in Cainhurst. The castle was accessible only through a bridge that connects to Hemwick, a small village by the west of Yharnam. The royal family ruled for many years and with the help of the biggest academy in the region, Bergenwerth, they managed to make great discoveries, thus advancing science and healing. Bergenwerth, which was accessible only to elite students, was a great place …show more content…

Albeit differing on the method to use, both longed for humankind’s evolution into another realm, into godhood itself. The discovery of the tombs of the gods below the city had started an evolutionary movement within the academy. Their theory was that ancient beings inhabited the city of Yharnam beforehand and had managed to make contact with greater beings called the “Great Ones”. Great Ones were worshipped as Gods and used to communicate with the Pthumerians, the ancient inhabitants of the city of Yharnam. That communication with the Great Ones allowed the Pthumerians to ascend to a new level of existence, enhancing their physical abilities and allowing them to use powers akin to magic, arcane powers. Furthermore, an average Pthumerian could live longer than humans by a long stretch. Evidence of that was provided when scholars encountered few of them during their numerous tomb excavations. Pthumerians have become only shells, serving to guard the tombs where the gods are buried. Killing one of them takes immense power and reflexes. Many scholars had lost their lives going into the tomb where the first Pthumerian was encountered until hunters came into

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