Yoga As A Cross-Training Tool

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Coaching is something many dream of doing, yet wonder how they can distinguish themselves in the crowd. An easy way to do so is to offer yoga as part of a comprehensive training program. Many athletes are using yoga as a cross-training tool, one designed to reduce their risk of being injured while enhancing their athletic performance. Yoga has become a mainstay of physical fitness, and individuals will find numerous classes to join. As this activity increases a person's mental concentration while enhancing their balance and flexibility, it's something every athlete should try.

Yoga helps a person bring their mind, body and spirit into proper balance. Doing these exercises helps to build a body that has been weakened by injury or by a lack of preparation, and it improves one's posture and breathing technique. With …show more content…

The athlete finds it easier to determine when to push harder and when it is time to back off and provide the body with so much needed rest. Athletes determine when muscles are become tight and shorter, and they can make use of yoga poses to relax the muscles and stretch them out again. Furthermore, loose muscles encourage proper blood flow, allowing the athlete to put forth less effort with similar results.

When making use of yoga, athletes need to work with an instructor to determine which poses are most beneficial for their sport. Although all poses will be of help, some poses will be of more benefit than others. Certain poses will benefit every athlete, yet a runner uses different muscles than a swimmer. Working with an instructor ensures that the athlete gets the most out of each yoga session, so keep this in mind when choosing who to work with. Visit newageathlete for more information on yoga. Coaching someone in a particular sport requires that an instructor have certain skills, and the same is true of yoga. Keep this in mind at all

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