Yoga Comparison

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The yoga class that I attended was on Thursday, September 22nd, at 6:30 P.M., at the Tiftarea YMCA. When comparing our typical class period to the YMCA’s yoga session, there were several differences and similarities between the two. At the YMCA, equipment such as yoga straps were used to help stretch our ham strings and hip flexors was utilized. Yoga blocks, were also commonplace to help “feel” the muscles needed to be used certain poses like the bridge by placing it between our knees, and squeezing it to see which muscles were activated. Another difference, while our class has the instructor in the front of the room, at the Y, the instructor was in the middle with people on both sides of her during instruction. One of the last major differences…show more content…
Another similarity was at the end of both the classes there is final relaxation for about a five-minute period. One of the last similarities between the two, was the methods in which both instructors teach, they don’t use the complicated language that some poses are named, but instead, use the layman’s term for each one which doesn’t make it as intimidating when attending the class. Of the things that I liked the most for the class at the Y, was that it was the duration of the session being a full hour long versus the fifty minutes we only for class. The pace at which the class flowed at the YMCA was the one thing I did not like about it because was much slower than the typical flow of our class which promotes more cardio and muscular development. One last thing I found relevant and interesting about the instructor was that during different days of the week, she has different methods in which she teaches so on Thursday’s it is more of the slower paced course that focuses on flexibility, while on Monday’s they are more of a brisk pace thus allowing the training of the muscles and cardio which is what I prefer
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