You Are What You Eat: Combating Obesoty in the United Stated Essay examples

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Those who are governed are permitted to be governed how they choose. Those who govern must put the needs of the governed first.1 Philosopher John Locke believed that humans needed to be governed similar to what Thomas Hobbes. However, John also believed that people had the right to their own personal freedoms. Currently, America is perceived as an overweight and obese country.2 In response to the speculation of the health and well being of American citizens steps have been taken to hopefully prevent the increase of the percentage of obese Americans, and also decrease the percentage altogether. John Stossel once stated in his interview “Food Nannies” “What business is yours what I put in my body?” John Stossel believed that the government …show more content…

Statistics have shown that even though Americans consume less calories, the percentage of overweight and obese Americans is still on the rise.4 Restaurants have also found that even though that the calories were posted next to the products that were being sold, that customers actually purchased even more calories since the changes were made to the menus.5 The country of Denmark was able to sustain the “Fat Tax” for a year before it was eventually repealed. While the “Fat Tax” was still being implemented by the Denmark government, citizens resorted to cheaper but equally as unhealthy junk food. As states tried to enforce the use of a “Candy Tax” the specific definition of what was candy varied greatly between store to store. Consequently, this led to store clerks not knowing what to tax and the inevitable failure of the “Candy Tax”. Americans have found the taxes set by the government both annoying and encouraging. Americans feel like the government should not force them what to eat, however, they are grateful for the choice presented and offered to be healthy. Americans have shown interest in the healthy choices offered by the government, but resent being forced into taxes. Americans have argued that adding taxes would infuriate the national populace instead of guiding the population towards living a healthier lifestyle. Public schools implement lunch rules which require students

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