You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat
I didn’t start reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma with noble intentions of learning about the secrets of the food industry. I didn’t try to learn how they might affect our health and the environment. I didn’t start reading it because I wanted to know more about the organic-conventional debate. I only found it because I was looking for a book that would allow me to research irradiation for school (that didn’t happen). Even though The Omnivore’s Dilemma didn’t allow me to do that, it was an educational and surprisingly interesting read. The novel began by, of all things, intimately describing the history of corn. That history was soon combined with the history of the food industry, and it was revealed how the two are toxically intertwined today. The first section also touched on farm economics, government policies, and the rather unnerving rearing of cattle. In the second section, the author Michael Pollan used the example of Polyface Farm to showcase the vast advantages of raising livestock on grass rather than corn in a ‘beyond organic’ system, while simultaneously revealing how organic agriculture truly runs today. The third and final section described Pollan’s experiences in becoming a pseudo-hunter-gatherer, along with such topics as animal rights and the many mysteries of mushrooms. Through his witty humor and calculating logic, Pollan makes a compelling case about the present of our food system and its troubling future.

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