You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover, Sometimes Essay

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Human beings have evolved an incredible ability to form first impressions, rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy as a survival mechanism. Admittedly, it is still difficult to know whether to trust first impressions, given there are so many cautionary warnings. We are told how important it is to make a first impression when going on a first date, a job interview or to meet with a new client. We are also warned to never judge a book by its cover, indicating that our first impression could be flawed and suggesting that first impression are formed solely from appearance. Instead, I suggest that human beings are unconsciously skilled at making first impressions by rapidly assimilating information on visual, environmental and behavioral …show more content…

These social behaviors paint a picture of a well-liked, successful person. When you consider extroverted John’s behaviors in the context of Maslow, you begin to form a perception that he has likely reached an aesthetic state, given he left work and took the time to enjoy the sunshine(Clark, 1997). In the context of Herzberg, his behavior would lead you to believe he is secure in his job and has most or all of his hygiene factors satisfied(Clark, 1997).
Introverted John had a completely different set of behaviors when applied to a remarkably similar environment. The most significant behavioral concern was his choice to not speak to the girl he met and go to the bar instead, where he drinks alone. This behavior suggests that he is unfriendly, depressed and perhaps has problems with alcoholism. These behaviors coupled with his desire to take the “long way” home, walk on the shady side of the street and in general avoid social interaction, paints a picture of a lonely, depressed, unfriendly and likely unsuccessful person. When you consider introverted John’s behaviors in the context of Maslow, concern develops that he is not meeting his needs for belongingness and love, and he likely has challenges with his esteem(Clark, 1997). His behaviors are similarly concerning when viewed through Herzberg. His lack of social interaction would appear to suggest

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