“You Can Work At Mcdonald’S For The Rest Of Your Life And

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“You can work at McDonald’s for the rest of your life and live at home, but you will pay your own bills. Do you want that?” Throughout my entire life, my mother would never stop repeating this and it has stuck with me ever since. My mother was unable to achieve her academic dreams, but she assured that the mistakes made by her parents would not be repeated again with her children. The entirety of my motivations and ambitions set forth through my education have been influenced by my family’s inability to receive and sustain an academic mindset. I learned through my interview with my mother that the key factors that influenced my direct relationship with education came from my grandparents lack of motivational support and my own inherent …show more content…

This was rare for my family considering almost all of my mother’s cousins went to public school. My grandparents felt that a private catholic school was the safer and better option for my mother and her sister. This kind of education was better academically and morally; the religious aspect was important to my grandparents who were raising two girls.
What was significant about this part of my mother’s education was that since she went to private school she experienced some form of wealth early on. Although she would never be able to finish getting her college degree, this very early experience of what it means to have some kind of wealth gave her enough motivation to push her kids to not be complacent with their education and socioeconomic standing. After St. John’s my mother attended an all girls’ private school called Mary Help of Christians Academy. Unfortunately, for my mother’s older sister my grandparents had another child in 1986 and finished paying off their home and renovating the bodegas that same year. Subsequently, my aunt was sent to John F. Kennedy public high school in Paterson, which was almost entirely Hispanic and African-American. Although my grandparents acquired some form wealth, it is clear that they were still lower class and faced financial burdens like the rest of the community. But for my mother, going to Mary Help was the first time she went to a school that was primarily Caucasian. At Mary Help my

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