You Can'T Turn Back The Hands Of Time, But You Can Easily

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You can 't turn back the hands of time, but you can easily make amends by forming good health habits today. Larraine Sathicq shows us how. Physical inactivity If you hate the idea of exercise, you 're at risk of so much more than getting fat, says exercise physiologist Dr Adam Fraser. "There 's a lot of research that highlights the impact of physical activity on chronic diseases, quality of life, longevity and even brain function," he explains. VIEW GALLERY: Ageing celebrity hands The good news: "Many of the health benefits of being physically active are immediate, " Dr Fraser says. "They include improved sleep and mood, clearer thinking and an increase in energy levels." He adds, "New research into the benefits of physical activity…show more content…
What you can do: "Make a plan and use a method of quitting that 's safe and effective for you," advises Dalglish. "It 's always best to speak to a health professional or call the Quitline on 131 848 for advice regarding medication, nicotine replacement and other things that can help you quit." For more information on how to quit smoking, see your GP or visit Binge drinking If you regularly drink to get drunk, you are risking your health and increasing your chances of brain, heart, digestive and liver diseases. The short-term effects of an excessive drinking session include impaired judgement, increased likelihood of accidental injury (other than car accident) increased blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and fatty liver, says DrinkWise spokesman Dr Andrew Rochford. The good news: "Your liver is an amazing organ and, if you take action soon enough to reduce your alcohol intake, it will repair itself," says Dr Rochford, who adds that you don 't have to quit drinking altogether. "Alcohol in low doses, especially red wine, has some proven health benefits for your heart and the social aspect of responsible drinking can also be good for your health." What you can do: The new Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol recommend both women and men drink no more than two standard drinks a day over their lifetime, and no more than four standard drinks on a single social occasion. See your GP

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