“You Need Me On That Wall”.In An Excellent Movie From 1992

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“You need me on that wall” In an excellent movie from 1992 entitled “A Few Good Men” U.S. Navy Colonel Nathan Jessup (played by Jack Nicholson) tells U.S. Navy Lt. Lawyer Daniel Kaffee (played by Tom Cruise) 3 lines in the dramatic conclusion of a court trial involving a murder of a U.S. Marine. These 3 phrases could be used by nurse managers across the country when they are caught between representing their front line nursing staff and trying to appease upper management personnel during hospital budget discussions. The 3 lines are: “You need me on that wall, you can’t handle the truth, and YES I ordered the CODE RED”. If you have seen the movie you might agree with the analogy. If you have not seen the movie, but are a nurse, more …show more content…

In an article published by Applied Nursing Research the authors point out that nurse staffing is related to patient outcomes, “lower levels of RN staffing are associated with higher rates of OPSN (Outcomes Potentially Sensitive to Nursing) in both medical and surgical patients treated in hospitals, U.S. Medicare, and other publically available administrative data” (Duffield et al., 2011, p. 245). The writer of this paper researched 5 relevant articles regarding the relationship between nurse to patient ratio, morbidity, and mortality, every article related similar information. “A systematic review of 102 studies concluded that increased RN staffing levels are associated with lower rates of morbidity and mortality” (Ball, Murrells, Rafferty, Morrow, & Griffiths, 2013, p. 2).
As one might predict from the articles reviewed not one eluded that the bedside nurse disagreed with an improved RN to patient ratio. At this point you may be reading this saying; so hospitals need more nurses, why don’t they hire them. The answer is hospitals do, but because of the growing number of patients in the hospitals, nurse burnout, and nurses moving from one department to another or quitting all together, there is a nursing shortage. The problem becomes how hospitals can retain nurses when there are so many opportunities elsewhere. The upper nursing management, often known as the VP of nursing, collaborate with the accountants and CEO’s of the hospitals and have pressure to save money

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