Young Advocates International Advocate Basic Human Rights in Nigeria

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Young Advocates International is a domestic human rights organization based in Nigeria. It seeks to promote the basic tenets of the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) through advocacy.
The international drug control effort began fifty years ago with the aim of eradicating the abuse of certain drugs by controlling their supply. A complex international system of enforcement grew on this belief in supply control. Five decades on, the empirical data is available and overwhelming; the system has failed. Worse still, it has become increasingly clear that the human rights costs of pursuing many of its policies render them unjustifiable. From mass incarcerations in the United States and Asia, to the HIV/AIDS epidemic flooding Russia and the waves of violence rippling through Latin America-the current global drug policies are worsening current global problems. Nevertheless, driven by a mixture of bureaucratic and ideological inertia, the international drug control system governed through the United Nations and enforced by a number of core states continues to pursue many of the same failed policies.
Policy Analysis
The present system of worldwide drug control is constructed upon a suite of United Nations treaties. This includes the 1961 single convention on Narcotic Drugs as amended by the 1972 protocol, the 1971 convention on psychotropic substances and the 1988 convention against illicit traffic in Narcotic Drugs and psychotropic substances. These
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