Young Palestinian Voices From East Jerusalem Essay

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The War of 1967 concluded with Israeli control of Jordanian territories that included Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. In “Young Palestinian Voices from East Jerusalem,” Road AbuZayyad claims how the Israeli government’s influence and control in East Jerusalem affected the lives of the Palestinians living in the region. In “The Birth of Core Issues: The West Bank and East Jerusalem Under Israeli Administration,” Moshe Elad recounts how issues, predominantly concerning the Arab and Jewish conflict, arose with the implementation of an Israeli Administration after the War of 1967. The articles share how the Israeli control of East Jerusalem cultivated the conflict, however, each article has a focus on different aspects of the Israeli government that created the Arab and Jewish conflict. While Elad discusses how the Israeli Administration increased Arab-Israeli conflict, Abuzayyad focuses on how Israelization, the capture of territory and enforcement of Jewish law, created these conflicts. Additionally, in this paper, I will summarize each of the articles and evaluate them based on their organization, quality of evidence, and perspective. While AbuZayyad effectively establishes his thesis through the use of relevant personal accounts, experiences, and descriptions, Elad evaluates the administration through a historical perspective but fails to adequately prove his thesis due to his lack of relevant evidence and convoluted structure.

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