Young Women 's Diet Pills

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When I was in high school, and I’m sure it’s the same today, there was always an unspoken competition with who had the cutest clothes or who had the best style. It was always every teenager’s concern. Girls had a little more to worry about. How did your hair look, how did your make up look, was your outfit cute enough, did you have matching jewelry, where you skinny enough? You were always trying to impress someone, whether it was a boy, friends, or just the other kids at school. Do to the pressure from peers to always look good, many girls look for ways to make themselves look better in their own eyes. Some may purchase the best makeup money can buy, others wear expensive clothes, they even spend hundreds of dollars on getting their hair done or hair products and these are all fine, unless you’re the parent paying the bill. One trend that is becoming increasingly more popular with young women is diet pills. The pressure to look good drives girls to use diet pills that are harmful to their bodies. First Reasoning In today’s world everywhere you look there are images of what our society considers beautiful. Television uses pretty skinny girls for the popular TV shows, magazines use pictures of skinny women in the articles, store windows use pictures of skinny models modeling the stores clothes, and billboards use young skinny pretty models modeling jewelry or other products. In reality, these women do not look like what these pictures portray them as. These
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