An Essay On Eating Disorder And The Store 's Front Windows Are Slender, Tall, And Muscular Mannequins Essay

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Shannon Petty Mrs. Johnson English 12 1A November 9, 2016 Four out of every ten people in the United States have personally experienced an eating disorder or have known someone who has (Statistics&Research). Society tells adolescent girls and women that they have to have the “perfect” body type to be loved. Girls and women are told that they must be skinny, have a flat stomach, a thigh gap, long hair, perfect skin, long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, and be a certain height to be considered beautiful. Society wants females to look like barbie dolls instead of humans. They set unattainable standards and judge women when they cannot achieve those standards. Whether it is walking into a clothing store, standing in the checkout line in the supermarket, or driving down the road, one is likely to see some type of advertisement for the “perfect” body. In the store’s front windows are slender, tall, and muscular mannequins. Few stores actually have plus size mannequins. This tells people that they must be thin and tall in order to look good in the clothing. Standing line at the grocery store one is surrounded by magazines with beautiful models gracing the covers. Those models have been photoshopped to look a certain way, to fit society’s standards of beautiful. If you look at a model, their thighs are often a little thicker and their faces are a little fuller than what they appear to look like on the billboards and magazine covers. Many modeling agencies will not hire

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