Young Youth Display Anti Social Behavior

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However not all young youth display anti-social behavior while others are deeply influence peer pressure and wanted to look cool researcher from The MORI demonstrated that 60% of young people between 10 and 17 years of age wanted more police on the street as protections while 38% wanted harder treatment for their peer who committed an offence, Hopkin –Burke, 2011 (cited in Barnard 2011). Although Smith, (2013). Argued that seemed to be discord in the balancing neo-liberal and neo-conservative approaches within such communities may vary regionally. Both New Labour and conservative have suggested, that there should be greater emphasis on enforcement contrasts with the local implementation of social inclusion policies. Both government also share the belief the eradication of delay was important illegitimacy and the cost effectiveness with the justice system. While Maguire, Morgan, and, Robert, (2012) have suggested the delay within the system was sending a message to the youth that nobody care about them. Although Roger, (2005) have highlighted that while parenting courses could be seemed as successful in the short-term which in some cases have also reduces the level of anti-social behavior. However in longer term there have been many concerns have about the long-term efficacy and the cost effectiveness of national implementation of these strategy. Drakeford, and Butler, (2001) have argued that system replicate the inconsistent parenting which most young offender

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