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A man much like myself, the esteemed Dalai Lama stated that, “With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world,” inferring that the key to the meaning of life is to find your purpose in life and using it to positively impact the rest of the world. As a person with his own philosophy about life, I, Siddhartha, reached my personal tenets through the heavy influence of the flaws of the Buddhist Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. Although I was placed in various lifestyles, religions, and sects, these influences, especially the flaws of Buddhism and Hinduism, allowed me to create the basis of my own doctrine which serves as the guidelines for what one needs to do in order to …show more content…
Piloting to the fourth and final truth, the Buddha asserts that this can be accomplished through following his “Eightfold Path.” I consent that suffering is inevitable in life, but I find it impossible to fully liberate one’s life of suffering. When I was a Samana, I realized that I could only temporarily free my inner self from suffering because I was depleting myself from the positive desires, dreams, and aspirations, and in the end, I found myself more lost and out of touch with myself than ever before. In his “Eightfold Path,” the Buddha tells us his theory about how the world is an unbroken chain made of cause and effect. His own doctrine contradicts itself, because how can one possibly embrace the unity of the world, if they are told in his teachings to overcome it? In order to truly reach personal enlightenment, one must set off on that journey on their own and be exposed to various aspects of human nature until truly finding the key to their inner selves. I sincerely believe by adhering to the six principles I have hypothesized, one can find the meaning of life. My foremost belief is that wisdom is not communicable or able to be transferred to another. I spent a majority of my life seeking wisdom from various teachers; while these teachers were some of the most intellectual of their kind, none of them were able to instill their wisdom within me, leading

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