Yousuf Karsh: A Brief Biography

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Yousuf Karsh was born on the 23rd of December 1908 in Mardin, Turkey. He was deceased by complications from a surgery on 13th July 2002 at the age of 93. Yousuf had a sister, who died in starvation during the Armenian Genocide. He also had a younger brother named Malak Karsh who was also a photographer, like his older brother. Karsh was best known as photographer of the famous grumpy Churchill portrait and also one of the famous portrait photographers of the 20th century.
Karsh’s parents sent him to live with his uncle George Nakash in Canada at the age of 16. His uncle saw outstanding potential in him and arranged an apprenticeship with John Garo in Boston. Four years later Karsh returned back to Canada. During 1931, Karsh started
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Karsh said… he was only given two minutes to take the photograph, during which the visiting statesman by taking away his cigar before the shooting. The portrait resulted in the British to defeat Hitler and catapulted Yousuf Karsh into international fame.
Karsh was also well known for his several publications and film. His books contained personal quotes and photographs. He impacted other famous photographers to be independent and to motivate others like himself. During 1959, he appeared on the TV show “To Tell the Truth” as a guest challenger. In 1984, Karsh photographed “Rush,” a Canadian Rock Band, for their new album debut. Later, he was recognized by the National Gallery in Canada in 1989. The gallery organized a large showcase of his amazing portraits. Yousuf’s works can be found in various collections and galleries around the
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It’s not fake and plastic. Karsh has also taken the image from a different perspective.
 Yousuf said “I photographed this young ballerina and actress at the beginning of her prestigious career. She recalled for me how I improvised her turban from the window curtains. Which I tore down and draped around her head and shoulders.”
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Martha Graham, 1948
 The image is black, white and grey, portrait of Martha Graham. The photo is taken from her torso up.
 This image shows simplicity and elegance. Her gestures signify grace and refined movements through the air. The image is effective and really captures your eyes. The angle of the photo is very neat and simple.
 I selected this picture because of her gracefulness and the warmth to the image, also because it displays what a superior woman looks like.
 Karsh said “Amazingly enough, this restricted posture presented no problem, such perfect control had she over body.”
 Source  "Yousuf Karsh Photographer | Martha Graham".
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