Youth And The Hip Hop Youth Culture

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Australian Youth Culture
Youth has various definitions. It can be considered as a state of mind, a life stage, or a stage of development. Youth can also be considered as a creation of marketing and a demographic category. Youth cultures as well as subcultures based on the theory or theories applied refer to cultures that in most part comprise of young people as the members. Youth cultures are determined by ways of living and they revolve around peer groups that stress a definitive style of living as an external designation of affiliation and appearance. In this essay, I will analyse how globalisation, popular culture, and consumerism emerge as factors that influence the participation of young people in the hip-hop youth culture in Australia. I will also apply the human ecological theory in order to facilitate the understanding of factors that affect youth participation in the hip-hop culture.
Culture is generally described as a way of life. It entails the meanings, values, practices, and beliefs that are usually contrasted with structure, nature, and biology (Alim, 2006). As a concept, culture can be divided into two. The first classification of culture is the expressive culture form which comprises of argot, artifact, behaviour, and clothing that constitute the expression of a given youth culture (ibid). The second classification of culture is the impressive form of culture content. This implies to the culture meaning (ibid). In the same vein, youth
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