Yue Fei A True Hero

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Yue Fei is one of the most talked about Patriots in Chinese History. There are several Muggle television shows and novels written about this famous patriot. He also has many temples dedicated to his honor. He is one of the most venerated but tragic generals in Chinese history. People have recognized this name for the last 800 years. The history of Yue Fei is still celebrated in China today. Over the last 800 years, everyone knew of this famous patriot. Yue Fei did not kill his enemies in the battlefield, nor did he die from horrible war injuries. Yue Fei died because he was too good at covering his military enemies and failed to address his own political enemies at home. Yue Fei was a true hero in my book because he stood up for…show more content…
"Yue Fei was born on March 24, 1103, during the Southern Song Dynasty. Yue Fei 's mother 's name was Lady Yue. Yue He was the father of Yue Fei." Yue Fei means to fly. At the time Yue Fei was born, "a large bird like a swan landed on the roof of his house" (Wiki 1). Yue Fei was born near Tangyin County, Anyang, China. Yue Fei had one brother known as Yue Fan. While Yue Fei was a small infant, an immortal man known as Chen Tuan disguised himself as a wandering priest and visited his father. The immortal man warned his father of a great flood that would kill the village. After the flood, most of the villagers died. Yue He and his son Yue Fei did not die due to this warning. After the flood, the family worked as farmers in the field to make a profit.

Yue Fei had a unique education. The immortal priest knew Yeu Fie 's heritage. This family was not ordinary. For this reason, he intervened with his safety. Yue Fei was a wizard. His father kept this secret from him until he was mature. At the age of 11, his father decided to break the ice. Yue Fei was very shocked to hear this wonderful news. He always knew that he was different than everyone else. Since Yue Fei was magical, his father decided, that it was best to train him at home. He decided to hire a personal archer to teach him to fight. The archer 's name was Zhou Tong. Yue Fei was an excellent

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