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  • Yue Fei A True Hero

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    Yue Fei is one of the most talked about Patriots in Chinese History. There are several Muggle television shows and novels written about this famous patriot. He also has many temples dedicated to his honor. He is one of the most venerated but tragic generals in Chinese history. People have recognized this name for the last 800 years. The history of Yue Fei is still celebrated in China today. Over the last 800 years, everyone knew of this famous patriot. Yue Fei did not kill his enemies in the

  • Analysis of the Painting Late Northern Song emperior Huzong Essay

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    Cranes above Kaifeng or Auspicious Cranes is a hand scroll attributed to one of the most artistic important figure: Late Northern Song Emperor Huizong (Sturman, 1990). This painting was made to commemorate a “rare” phenomenon where 20 cranes flying on the sky above the main gate of the palace, Kaifeng, on the day of Lantern Festival on the year 1112. This phenomenon was believed as a Mandate of Heaven under the rule of Emperor Huizong (IBID). This auspicious phenomenon, however, might not be as magical

  • The Song Dynasty

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    mostly mountains, high plateaus, deserts in the west, plains, deltas, and hills in the east.”(Embry 4). This is what I observed and mentally noted while I was touring the Song Dynasty. “Emperor Taizu began reigning in the year 960. His capital was in Kaifeng. During his 16 years of rule, he instituted successful policies and won his wars of expansion” (Wu 7). This was something that a local had told me about emperor Taizu. He further on explained to me about his resilience and how he expanded his land

  • Mongols And Jin Dynasty Essay

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    once the Battle of Three-peaked Hill, Kaifeng was doomed and therefore the Jin emperor before long abandoned the town and entered Hebei province in an exceedingly vain arrange to establish himself there. Thousands of individuals offered a stubborn resistance to the Mongols, United Nations agency entrusted the conduct of the attack to Subutai, the foremost daring of all their commanders. The Jin Emperor has driven south once more, and by this point Kaifeng had been taken by the Mongols thus he established

  • How Did The Mongols Use Gunpowder

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    projectiles. The Chinese Bureau of Munitions, by the thirteenth century, had seven factories that produced 7,000 rockets and 21,000 bombs per day . In 1232, they used thunder-crash bombs, which are early hand grenades, against the Mongols, who attacked Kaifeng, a city in northern China . Mongols, however, learned the recipe to gunpowder and began using gunpowder-based

  • Along The River During The Qingming Festival Analysis

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    Festival. Although the artist uses the same title, this painting has its own beauty and connotative meanings that cannot be ignored and which people need to discover and appreciate. Zhang Zeduan’s masterpiece depicts the landscape of his hometown, Kaifeng and the life of its people during the Song dynasty. Nearly 500 years later, Qiu Ying portrayed his hometown Suzhou in a similar way, but in his version, the scenes are different to the original version. Compared to Zhang, Qiu Ying added more blue-and-green

  • Introduction of the Cut Throat Institutions of Western Capitalism into China

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    What many considered the modernization of China was actually China’s introduction to the cut throat institutions of western capitalism, foreign policy, and western imperialism. China for centuries had dealt with foreigners on its own understanding of foreign policy called the tribute system which maintain the idea that outside nations would be submissive to China authority as a sign of respect to the Emperor because China was seen as the most advance country in the world and in recognition of the

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Song Dynasty

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    As just stated so did the Northern Song clan members set up a capital in Hangzhou. Instead of Northern Song so would they now be called Southern Song. Hangzhou back then was a wealthy trading city and the Song rulers retained their domain south of the Huai River along with most of the population at that time. They also managed to retain big southern merchant cities and therefore a new period of prosperity began. A priority in Southern Song was foreign trade, and the government constructed merchant

  • Literature Review of Human Resource Management, theory versus practice

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    Policy versus practice: Understanding the relationship between human resource management and organizational outcomes is one of the long-standing goals of macro human resources management research. – Kaifeng Jiang et al 2011 With rapid change in the economic environment managers and scholars have been motivated to seek competitive advantages through new sources. The role of a skilled, motivated and flexible workforce has become more prominent than traditional attributes such as technology

  • An Essay About The Ming Dynasty

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    Ming Dynasty 明 The Ming Dynasty began in 1368 AD and ended in 1644AD (276 years). It was one of the longest and most stable dynasties in Chinese history. During the reign of the first emperor, there was complete control over the whole China. The Ming dynasty was founded by Zhu Yuanzhang (now known as HongWu) , who became the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty there were 16 different Emperors that ruled over the Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty is known to have been the last Dynasty