Zander: A Narrative Story Essay

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" still up, Kora?" I heard the whisper of his beautiful, deep, manly voice in a hushed whisper. I turned over, to turn in the direction of his sinfully lovely voice. And my, oh my...he looked better tonight than ever. His blue eyes seemed to pale a ghostly sheen in the moonlight. His dark, wavy hair shined and framed his face. Thick eyebrows led to a perfect nose, which was flawlessly straight and ended with a soft, curvy tip; wonderfully aquiline. His chin was slightly cleft, his jawline lightly dusted with dark stubble. "Yes, I am awake. What's wrong? Want to talk about something?" He moved closer to the bed, a look of relief washing over his face. My eyes shamefully moved down his body. He was muscular. Muscles rippled and …show more content…

"When you're in your manic phase, there is no stopping you. I love to see you when you're that happy. You simply don't look hard enough for that particular woman." "Thanks for that bit about the mania, because not sleeping for almost four days straight, having jumbling thoughts and being unable to stop talking or purchasing things is what many people desire." I roll my eyes at him. "Anyway, there is a woman that I am obsessed with. How do I make her love me?" "You shouldn't have to do anything, Zander," I say. "You have a personality that many are attracted to. Naturally." "Are you attracted to me?" The question shocked me. My heart beat fast as I looked into his eyes. "Many women are, Zander." "I don't care about what other women like right now. Do you find me attractive? Tell me the truth." "Yes," I meant for the word to come out strong, but it came out in a whisper. "Of course I do." He smiled, then laid back, pulling me to his chest. "I don't know why I asked, just a spur of the moment kind of question, I suppose. Forget I ever said anything." If you did not know, why were you holding your breath, Zander? I really wanted to ask, but I didn't want him to be offended in some way. I didn't reply, just closed my eyes. Before we both knew it, we fell asleep. I woke up to him laying in front of me, staring at me. My eyes widened in horror. "Is there a reason why you are staring at me like that?" I ask, squinting my eyes at the assault the rays of Sun gave

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