Zara Is A Modern Day Fashion Business Model

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Zara is a modern day fashion business that takes an unconventional approach in their business model. Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies which belongs to the distribution group called inditex. They sell well made relatively cheap pieces of clothing that is always cut according to the latest fashion designed. Their customers are the heart of their designs, productions, distribution and sales. Just like all fashion companies, their primary goal is to be the number one fashion retailer. To obtain that success, their new business model challenges the industry and pushes them ahead of their competitors. Zara unique approach to fast fashion pays off as many other brands are trying to follow their success. What sets Zara apart from other modern businesses is that, their business model is to react to fashion trends as quickly as possible. Zara adapt quickly to current trends and fashion that the public demand. Their goal is create fresh new trendy design almost every one to two weeks that will be ready to be produced and shipped. Their primary goal in creating these new sketches is not only to identify trends but to evolve and never repeat their designs. Zara’s company’s strategy involves stocking their inventory very little and updating their collection often. This benefits them because it makes the shopper feel like they have to buy the item, or else it would be sold out later on. Zara’s risk taking strategy has proven to work because according to

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